High quality ScubaPro Glide Pro BCs available for rental by the day, or the week at AKR's Dive Shop. 

Climb into a front-adjustable BC and prepare yourself to enjoy a reassuring sense of well-being as you descend into the depths. That's because with a front-adjustable BC the air bladder wraps around you, placing lift primarily under the arms and around the waist, rather than behind you. Also, because a front-adjustable BC is so well-balanced you're less reliant on rear trim weights to achieve a comfortable swimming position. Finally, if you have to spend any time on the surface, either preparing for your dive or waiting for the dive boat to come pick you up, a front-adjustable BC's wraparound design provides a very relaxing surface floating position.

For divers who like the comfort and security that comes with a wraparound air bladder design, the GLIDE X is hard to beat. Fully adjustable, it comes in a wide range of sizes so you'll be sure to find that perfect fit.



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