West End

West End is a long-standing village on the northwest side of Roatan. Among other things, West End is home to Roatan's nightlife, restaurants, dive shops. Because West End is situated in a bay, it is a favorite place for fishermen to put in for day's worth of fishing.

Coxen Hole

Coxen Hole is Roatan's capital. It is named after a pirate, John Coxen. It is rumored that John Coxen is berried in the cemetery adjacent to the Port of Roatan. Coxen Hole has a downtown area that gets heavily visited while cruise ships are docked in Roatan. Coxen Hole is home to one of the main public hospitals on Roatan. It is also home to Eldon's, one of Roatan's more excellent grocery stores. Coxen Hole is the most populated of Roatan's towns. Roatan's city hall and the post office are in Coxen Hole.


Sandy Bay, Roatan Bay Islands

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